Manchu-Tungus languages - a group of closely related languages in Siberia and Far East. According to some researchers, they belong to the Altaic family together with the Turkic and Mongolian languages and the isolated Korean and Japanese. Spoken in Central and Eastern Siberia, the Russian Far East, as well as in China and Mongolia.

The following Manchu-Tungus languages are spoken in Russia:

  • Even
  • Evenki
  • Nanai
  • Negidal
  • Oroch
  • Orok
  • Udihe (Udege)
  • Ulch

Ancient writing systems existed in the territory of Manchuria and Northern China for the Jurchen (12th-16th centuries) and Manchu (since the 17th century) languages. The literary Evenki, Even and Nanai languages were created in the 1930's (first on the basis of the Latin, later Cyrillic script). The Udihe written language created at the same time was later discontinued; a new writing system is recently being developed.


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