Republic of North OssetiaOssetian (Ossetic) language - one of the Indoeuropean languages (Iranian group). Spoken in the republics of North Ossetia (Russia) and South Ossetia (Georgia), in various regions of Georgia and Northern Caucasus. The number of the Ossetians in Russia is 402,3 thousand. 93,2 % of them regard Ossetian as their mother tongue, 6,4 % Russian. The total number of the Ossetians on the territory of the former USSR is 598 thousand. Main dialects: Iron and Digor.

The Ossetian written language exists since the end of the 18th century, short epigraphs remain from earlier times. In 1844 A.M. Sjoegren created a writing system based on the Cyrillic script, the Latin alphabet was used in 1923-38, since 1938 the writing system has been based on the Russian script. The literary language is founded on the Iron dialect.

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