DagestanLak (Lakian) language - one of the Caucasian languages (Dagestani group). Spoken in the Republic of Dagestan. The number of the Laks (Lakians) in Russia is 106,2 thousand. 95,1 % of them regard Lak as their mother tongue, 3,9 % Russian.

The Lak literary language is based on the Kumukh dialect. Until 1928 the Laks used the Arabic and in 1928-38 Latin script. The contemporary writing system is based on the Cyrillic alphabet.

  • Faculty of Dagestani philology at the Dagestan university (information in Russian)
  • Ilchi - Materials from the Lak newspaper at the "Dagestanskaya pravda" web-site
  • Lak house - Information on the Lak people in English and Russian

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