Yukaghir language - an isolated language, the only surviving member of the Yukaghir language family (the other members of which can be also regarded as its dialects). Conventionally affiliated with the group of Paleoasian languages. Existing dialects: Tundra and Kolyma Yukaghir.

The Yukaghir language is spoken in the basins of the rivers Kolyma and Alazeya (North-Eastern Yakutia and the Magadan region). The number of the Yukaghirs in Russia is 1,1 thousand. 32,0 % of them regard Yukaghir as their mother tongue, 45,9 % Russian. Yakut, Even and Chukchi are also spoken among the Yukaghirs.

The writing system, created in the 1970's on the basis of the Russian and Yakut alphabets, is used in local publications and for teaching Yukaghir at schools.

  • The Yukaghirs - An article in the Red book of the peoples of the Russian empire

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