Finno-Ugric Languages - a group of languages which together with the Samoyedic languages form the Uralic family. Spoken in Eastern, Northern and Central Europe and in Western Siberia.

The following Finno-Ugric languages are generally regarded as native to Russia:

Balto-Finnic languages:


Mordovian languages:

Mari language

Permic languages:

Ugric languages:

  • Khanty
  • Mansi

In addition, the following languages of the Balto-Finnic group are also spoken in Russia:

The Hungarians, Finns and Estonians possess highly developed literary languages with long traditions. The so-called Old Permic written language in Komi existed in the 14th-16th centuries. The modern Komi, Mari, Mordovian and Udmurt literary languages were formed during the first decades of the 20th century. The Khanty and Mansi written languages were created in the 1930's while attempts to create Ingrian, Karelian, Lappish and Veps written languages proved unsuccessful. New literary languages are recently being developed for the Karelians, Veps and the Lapps of the Kola Peninsula.


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