IngriaFinnish language - one of the Finno-Ugric languages (Balto-Finnic group). The number of the Finns in Russia is 47,1 thousand. 36,2 % of them regard Finnish as their mother tongue, 63,1 % Russian. Most of the Russian Finns are descendants of 17th century migrants to Ingria (contemporary Leningrad region). From the beginning of the 1920's Finnish has been used as an official language in the Karelian republic.

Finnish language in Russia

Educational institutions

Mass media

  • Carelia - Culture journal published in Finnish in the Republic of Karelia
  • Inkeri - Publication of the Ingrian union in Russian
  • Inkerin kirkko (Church of Ingria) - Publication of the Ingrian Lutheran church in Finnish and Russian
  • Karjalan Sanomat - Finnish newspaper published in the Republic of Karelia

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